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Starting Again

Salem is experiencing a “re-start,” a new church plant with an existing core of people. Like a new church start, we must focus on the basics: worship, a core group of people, a process to disciple people in the way of Jesus Christ, and multiplication.

Worship. When we move into our new location we will finally (after more than two years!) have a place of our own to gather for worship. That means Salem will once again have two worship services on Sunday morning, at 9:00 am and 11:00 am. We are planning on live musicians to lead the singing in our contemporary service. The traditional service will include the piano/organ and choir. As we grow, we will get ready to start a third service at 7:45 am. Our new sanctuary will be a wonderful space in which to worship.
Core Group of People. As an existing congregation, Salem already has a core group of people. This is a tremendous blessing and I am extremely grateful for everyone who has kept Salem going over the last two years since the flood. Y…

Leave Taking Worship Service

Salem's leave taking worship service was yesterday afternoon, officially deconsecrating the flooded building downtown as the congregation prepares for the buyout and a new location.

Click here and here for the local media stories.

Click here for the leave taking service bulletin.

Salem's Bell Removed

Salem's bell was removed on August 25, 2010 and moved to Salem's new location. Pictures by Mark Minger. Music (Awesome God) performed by Eden's Bridge - The Best of Celtic Praise and Worship.

Iowa United Methodists in the News

KCCI reporter Katie Ward interviewed Bishop Julius Trimble on the Cnnference's "You Can Make the World a Better Place...Be Encouraged" effort.