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Worshiping in a Strange Place

Last month I encouraged you to worship wherever you are this summer. I told the story of Paul, who when he reached the city of Philippi, went outside the city gate by the river on the sabbath where there was a place of prayer, a gathering for worship.

While on vacation recently we were near a river and I thought, how great would it be to just walk down to the river and find some other Jesus followers and worship together.

It’s only happened once in my life. Joy and I traveled to Korea a dozen years ago with a group of pastors and spouses, people with whom we lived in community for a year. On our way home we stayed in Hawaii four days. I know. It was tough. And it was Easter. On Sunday, early in the morning, we walked together to the beach and worshiped our God. (Anyone interested in an Easter sunrise service next year in Hawaii?)

It ought to be easier now than it was for Paul. Today, churches have web sites, Facebook pages, and phone book listings. It’s easy to locate a church. But there…