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Think of Us as Stewards

Elie Wiesel survived the holocaust and has written more than fifty books, including Night, a story based on his experiences as a prisoner in concentration camps. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. During his acceptance speech he said, “At special occasions, the Jewish tradition commands us to recite the following prayer: ‘Blessed be Thou…for giving us life, for sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this day.’”
On November 20 Salem will celebrate our one year anniversary in our new location. We will come together for one worship service at 10:00 am on the 20th. I am excited for us to offer our gratitude to God for giving us life, sustaining us, and enabling us to reach this day. While it is very appropriate for us to recognize that our very existence and sustenance comes from God and to celebrate that, it also calls for a response. God invites us to work together. As Paul writes to the church in Corinth, “Think of us this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s…