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Making All Things New

from last Sunday's sermon:

"The one seated on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21:5)

God is making all things new. The text doesn’t say that God is making all new things. No, God is making all things new. 

All that God made in creation is good, including us. It’s been abused and used and broken, but God isn’t going to make new things, God is renewing all that God has already made. Because all that God has already made, including you and me, is good.

The image of the apple is a wonderful metaphor; it’s been eaten already but the vision is that it will be made new again. That’s what God is doing with us and with all of creation. God isn’t making new things. God is making all things just like new again. That’s an amazing promise, an awesome vision of salvation for us.

(Listen to the full sermon, Making All Things New, from April 28, 2013 here)

Following Jesus Is an Adventure

This is an exciting time at Salem. Our building project is underway. The Building Committee is doing a great job and making good progress. We have a completed contract with Point Builders and we’re working with them on expansion possibilities. This is an exciting and fun part of the process as we dream about how the new facility can be functional and beautiful. Soon we will interview companies to lead our capital campaign which could be this fall with groundbreaking next spring.
We will show the congregation a well-thought-out plan by the time we get to the capital campaign. I believe the congregation will be very excited to see what is being developed. In the meantime, it would be wise for all of us to start praying about and considering what God is calling us to give. As the pastor, I know my family and I will help lead the way, so we have already placed a line item in our family budget for the upcoming capital campaign. With one daughter going to college this year, braces for all th…