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New Church Possibilities

Salem owns 9.6 acres of land on Blairs Ferry Road. We have the opportunity to make that a base of operations for reaching out to new people.

In 2004 the Crosswinds United Methodist Church, a new church start, joined with Salem. Salem received many of the Crosswinds members as well as 9.6 acres of land on Blairs Ferry Road. Many prayers and dreams have occurred for the possibilities with this land.

Three years ago we made the decision to make 33rd Ave Salem’s new home. Choosing our new location, however, did not mean turning away from the Blairs Ferry Land. Many of us have remained very excited about the possibilities: it could be a multiple campus, a whole new congregation, or a retreat center, etc.

On Tuesday, April 16 at 7:00 pm, our District Superintendent, Rev. David Crow, will preside over a Church Conference. The Leadership Board is recommending to the congregation that we sell sell 1.8 acres on the north end of our land for missional reasons. The land is necessary for a road that …