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State of the Church

How are we doing with our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ who transform the world?Each year, in assessing the state of Salem, we take a look at some benchmark statistics. 2017 has been another fruitful year! Our membership now includes 242 professing adults. We also have 45 baptized infants and children— so 287 total.  This past year we lost 17 members as 5 died, 3 transferred to other congregations, and 9 were withdrawn. We received 5 new members. That means we have now received 114 new members since arriving at our current location a little over seven years ago!  Additionally, we have about a hundred active non-members. That means we actually have closer to 400 people who are a part of Salem. As part of our mission to make disciples of Jesus who transform the world, we essentially carry out four actions: reaching out, connecting, forming, and sending. Reach. Our Outreach Team leads us to reach out to others with activities such as our Easter Egg Hung, Trunk or Treat, Cleaning …